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Tripp Lite Cat5 Digital Audio/Video Faceplate -HDMI A/V

Tripp Lite Cat5 Digital Audio/Video Faceplate -HDMI A/V

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Tripp Lite Cat5 Digital Audio/Video Faceplate - HDMI Digital Audio/Video - P167-000


Click Here for the Tripp Lite Store Product DescriptionDon't let distance make your signal fizzle—extend high-quality HDMI video and audio signals up to 230 ft. further than the 16-ft. HDMI distance limitation! This Tripp Lite HDMI over Cat5 Active Extender Wallplate Kit delivers peak video and audio performance by HDMI-enabled digital components, which makes it ideal for home and office theater applications needing an extended HDMI signal. The signal extender can add 230 ft. for a 480p (60Hz) resolution, 196 ft. for a 720p (60Hz) resolution and 115 ft. for a 1080p (60Hz) resolution. For maximum distance and performance use 24 Awg Solid-Wire cabling (Tripp Lite N202-Series). The P167-000's wallplate form factor seamlessly installs and blends into a wall and is completely plug-and-play for convenience, making it easy and efficient to set up. Additionally, the P167-000 is manufactured in compliance with strict RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) guidelines to minimize the use of hazardous materials.P167-000 HDMI over Cat5 Active Extender Wallplate Kit:Ideal for home and business applications that employ HDMI cables and equipment Extend an HDMI signal up to 230 ft. from the source Compatible with the latest technologies and supports crystal-clear resolutions up to 1080p (60Hz) Plug-and-play with no drivers required RoHS-compliant designLearn MoreView largerView largerThe Smart Solution for Home and Business Theater Applications The P167-000 extends an HDMI signal up to 230 ft., making it the ideal solution for home and business theater applications needing to connect displays far away from an HDMI source. The P167-000 allows for the video and audio source to be in a secure, remote location for controlled access while still delivering signals to devices in another area.Greater Flexibility This Tripp Lite HDMI Signal Extender allows extension of an HDMI signal beyond regular distance limitations. With its built-in signal booster, the P167-000 can extend a 1080p (60Hz) resolution up to 115 ft. away from its source, a 720p (60Hz) up to 196 ft. and a 480p (60Hz) up to 230 ft. The P167-000 is compatible with all the latest video source technology such as HDMI v1.3 and HDCP. The wallplate kit includes a UTP stripper/punchdown tool to simplify the installation process and have your installation up and running in no time. Convenient Plug-and-Play Setup With no software, drivers or power supplies to install, the P167-000's plug-and-play setup gets your application up and running faster. Simply connect the HDMI video and audio source to the passive wallplate and the display to the active wallplate and watch as the P167-000 provides crystal-clear resolution. The wallplates are the size of standard electrical outlets, enabling seamless wall installation.Diagnostic LEDs The P167-000's display-side wallplate also includes a pair of diagnostic LEDs, making it easy to check the status of your application. The Red LED indicates that a signal is being received, while the Green LED lets you know that power and signal are being received and that a display is connected.Environmentally Responsible The P167-000 is manufactured in compliance with strict RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) guidelines to minimize the use of hazardous materials.Peace of MindWhen you choose this genuine Tripp Lite cable, you get superior performance plus peace of mind with a 1-year product warranty. Technical Specifications Type: HDMI Display-Side Wallplate with Signal Booster Connectors: 2 x HDMI Female Housing: White Resolution: Up to 1080p (60Hz) Certifications: RoHS Warranty: 1 year What’s in the Box 1 - HDMI Passive Wallplate (video source side) 1 - HDMI Active Wallplate with Signal Regenerator (display side) 1 - UTP Stripper/Punch Down Tool HDMI Extender Kits P167-000 B125-101-60 Extension Length 230 ft. 150 ft. Connectors HF15 (female); HD15 (female) HD15 (female); x 2 RJ45 (female) Maximum Resolution 1080p (24Hz) 1080p (60Hz) Warranty 1 year

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